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Regent Palace Hotel Dubai

Regent Palace Hotel

The Regent Palace Hotel Dubai is a luxury 4-star hotel providing the best of comforts to the business and holiday travelers. The hotel has 14 years experience in the service industry and that is why the management understands the tastes and preferences of those who visit the great city of Dubai. Like other Bur Dubai hotels, the Regent Palace Hotel has the advantage of being […]

Al Sham Hotel Dubai

Al Sham Hotel Dubai

The Al Sham Hotel Dubai is located near Burj Nahar in the Deira district of Dubai city. This hotel is less than 10 kilometers away from the Dubai International Airport and is a few minutes’ walk away from Dubai’s beaches, the Deira City Center Mall as well as the Dubai Convention Center. Bur Dubai hotels can be frightfully expensive on certain occasions, enough to leave […]

Hyde park Hotel Dubai

Hyde Park Hotel

Bur Dubai is the most happening area of the city of Dubai. The city is studded with a number of tourist spots and there is no end to the things that a tourist can do in Dubai. Bur Dubai has a host of malls – home to the latest designer brands, busy market places, attractive sky scrapers and internationally famed restaurants. With world class events […]

Rush Inn Hotel Dubai

Rush Inn Hotel

The Rush Inn Hotel is the hotel to stay if you want to experience Dubai to the fullest. As time and money are both of the essence, you can kill two birds with one stone by staying at the Rush Inn Hotel. Instead of commuting from the suburbs of Dubai to the heart during your travel, it is far wiser to say at the budget […]

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