As a commitment to our members ongoing education, 注册会计师s ANZ is now offering complimentary access to LinkedIn学习.


  • Members now receive access to LinkedIn学习 valued over A$350.00每年
  • LinkedIn学习 combined with CA ANZ’s existing range of courses will provide personalised course recommendations based on your skills, 经验和目标, 从技术技能到软技能
  • 从超过16个选项中选择,000 on-demand high-quality courses from LinkedIn学习 - anytime, 在任何地方

We are committed to our member's ongoing education and development and are always looking for opportunities to provide a greater range of tools and lifelong learning.

This is why we are providing access to LinkedIn学习 to our members as part of the FY21 membership year.


  • You will have access to the full range of LinkedIn学习 offerings with content that covers business, 技术和创新能力.
  • LinkedIn学习 is an online learning platform that delivers a unique mix of world-class content with more than 16,000道菜和400道菜,000 videos in 7 languages taught by industry experts.
  • 定期更新内容, with more than 35 new courses added each week covering soft skills and technical skills with courses focused on business, 技术及创新能力.
  • All LinkedIn学习 courses are broken into short curated courses, so you can focus on a key topic. All courses are also optimised for multiple devices, such as iPhone or Android-enabled smartphones or tablets. So even on a small screen, courses and features are optimally displayed for easy use.
  • Combined with our existing range of premium discipline-specific and business skills offerings through our CA Education Store, LinkedIn学习 will further cater to the vast learning needs of our members.
  • You can receive credits for completed courses which can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn学习 offers a flexible way to continue your professional development. Take advantage of the wider range of courses anytime, 在任何地方.
  • LinkedIn学习的估值超过350澳元.00每年.



  1. 登入你的My CA帐户.
  2. Click on the 'Complimentary LinkedIn学习' button to start the activation process.
  3. 审查条款和条件. If you wish to proceed, accept these conditions.
  4. You will then be re-directed to the LinkedIn platform and be asked to sign into your LinkedIn Account. Use your existing LinkedIn学习 account details to log in or create an account if you don't already have one. Even if you don't wish to create a LinkedIn account you can still access this benefit by clicking the "Continue without connecting my Linkedln account" option.
  5. Follow the series of prompts on the LinkedIn学习 page to create your individual profile.
  6. 你已经准备好了. Make sure you view our Welcome to LinkedIn学习 video to learn about how you can make the most of our new member benefit.


LinkedIn学习 access is a career development benefit of your membership if you choose. CA ANZ want to ensure we are making the most of your membership resources and applying costs to areas that are most beneficial to you and your career development.

If you have not used your LinkedIn学习 access for 6 months or more, we will give you a courtesy notice to give you the option to continue to use the platform, or we will revoke your access so we can re-allocate resourcing to the services you do use. You can re-activate your access at any time. Please refer to the 常见问题 for more information.


1 .登录“我的CA”


LinkedIn学习 - Frequently asked questions .

免责声明: CA ANZ reserves the right to revoke or limit a member’s LinkedIn学习 license for any reason.