Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is modernity itself. The center of Dubai’s tourist attractions and a bustling financial district, it is located on the western side of the Dubai Creek. The Creek separates this part of Dubai from Deira, which is the quieter sector of Dubai city. The area is known for its highly attractive skyline; existing architectural masterpieces and new real estate projects. In addition to all these, Bur Dubai has a host of splendid malls with the latest fashions and quaint shopping villages swarming with tourists. Bur Dubai is also known for the finest star hotels and upscale restaurants which serve the choicest of cuisines.

Bur Dubai is dotted with real estate projects and incredible skyscrapers which serve as residential quarters. High rise apartment buildings in Bur Dubai are grouped together as gated communities with the most luxurious of amenities provided for its residents. With prestigious events like rugby, horse racing, sailing, golf and air shows happening throughout the year, the residents and tourists alike are spoiled for choice here. Jumeirah, one of the posh localities of Bur Dubai is situated near the harbor and the finest luxury hotels and sparkling beaches can be found here. The suburb is very popular with the tourists because of the super swanky water sports complex and resorts.

The Al Shindagha area is situated on the banks of the Dubai Creek. This is a great place to visit as it has a number of tourist attractions. Starting with diving, one can move on to the heritage village that is located nearby. Next stop would be to visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s house and then proceed to the Dubai museum. The Dubai museum is a sight worth visiting as it has chronicled the history of the city beautifully and gives an insight into the city before it was swept away by modernity. The museum was the home of Dubai’s former ruler and it dates back to the early 1800’s.

Just opposite the Museum is the administrative building of Dubai’s government. It is called the Diwan building and also houses the private office of the Ruler of Dubai. The Diwan is an eye-catching building because of its perfect white exterior and black railings. It is a low rise structure which was built just two decades ago, but has become one of the major landmarks of Bur Dubai. A visit to Bur Dubai is not complete without a visit to its impressive mosques. The Grand Mosque situated near the Diwan is one that stands out for its 70 meter minaret and spectacular domes.

Bur Dubai is the city that never sleeps. Because it is home to scores of classy hotels equipped with gigantic conference halls, there is no end to the conferences, conventions or world level events taking place in the city. Commercial centers like the Dubai World Trade Center, the Emirates Towers etc, are not only the busiest, but also the meeting ground for several international firms. If that’s not all, the Dubai metro passes through Bur Dubai. Seasoned travelers will gladly testify that Bur Dubai is an incredible blend of modernity flavored with an exotic Middle Eastern charm.

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